Madolyn Hendren

Madolyn HendrenMarketing Director

Madolyn was born and raised in Gravette, and returned home after graduating from Missouri Southern State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations. Madolyn loves spending any extra time she has with her family, which with nine sisters and one brother, seems to be expanding on a regular basis. Growing up in such a large family she learned at a young age just what she had to do in order to stand out in such a large crowd, as well as how to talk her way out of most situations. This trait later came in handy while getting her college degree in Communications. When she’s not working she loves to read, travel and spend time with her friends.

Ten Questions for Madolyn

  1. Favorite Vacation Destination? Florida, North Carolina and New Orleans
  2. Coffee or Tea? Coffee
  3. If you could live anywhere? Any place with a constant stream of beautiful weather. If such place exists!
  4. Favorite Variety 106.5 artist? Favorite Variety Next artist? Variety 106.5 – The Beatles and Christina Perri . Variety Next — Katy Perry, Michael Jackson and Hanson.
  5. Play any Instruments? Well? None; but I learned piano years ago and played the trumpet throughout Middle and High School
  6. Favorite T.V Series? Friends. Have to fall asleep to it every night.
  7. Pizza Topping? Being a Vegetarian since 2009 (which isn’t an easy task here in the south) I’d have to go with Veggie or Cheese. No onions though; EVER.
  8. 3 Favorite Movies? Moulin Rouge, Little Mermaid and Scream
  9. Favorite Author? Too hard! Chelsea Cain, Jennifer McMahon and Greg Iles if I HAD to pick.
  10. What are you most afraid of? Spiders, slugs, bees, and never getting to own a penguin.