Gayla McKenzie

gayla.2Owner and Music Programmer

Gayla lives in Gravette with her husband, Loyd, and their 2 daughters, ages 18 and 16. She received her music education degree from the University of Arkansas and her law degree from the U of A School of Law.

Gayla applied for the construction permit for a 50,000 watt FM station licensed to Bella Vista while in her 1st year of law school. After graduation and a year in private practice, Gayla was finally in the radio business when KBVA went on the air in 1991.  As a bit of trivia, KBVA’s first broadcast song was the theme from, “Gone With the Wind”.    Gayla has programmed each playlist since the first day on the air and tries to incorporate the feedback from her listeners into the variety music format.  She especially enjoys programming the Sunday morning Inspirational Music as well as the special patriotic music segments.  The annual Tree Trimming Christmas Music party the Friday evening following Thanksgiving is also fun to program.  Feel free to email Gayla with a song or artist request.

Gayla is active in her church as pianist and Sunday School teacher and also volunteers at the school.  She enjoys watching her daughters play basketball and hopes someday they will thank her for making them continue piano lessons.

Ten Questions for Gayla

  1. Favorite vacation destination?
    Anywhere by the ocean.
  2. Coffee or Tea?
  3. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    Right here in NW Arkansas.
  4. Who’s your favorite musical artist on KBVA?
    Michael Buble
  5. Do you play any musical instruments?
    Piano and Clarinet
  6. How long have you been employed with KBVA?
    Since day One.
  7. Where were you born?
    Siloam Springs, AR
  8. Favorite actor?
    Jimmy Stewart.  He makes me happy.
  9. Favorite sport to watch?
    Hog football and Gravette Lion Basketball
  10. Three of your all-time favorite movies:
    Apollo 13, Hoosiers, anything with Doris Day.